“They were honest and professional- they didn’t overpromise and took care to review all options before starting the job. They came when they said they would and wasted no time when on the job. Their very friendly service was appreciated by Edison Elementary. We are so impressed we want them to do our house next!”
Carol Hofgartner, Art Road Nonprofit

“My 60 year old floors look like they are brand new. I would recommend Kapalua Floors to anyone. It was the best service experience I could ask for.”
Brooke Vogel

“Thank you, Kapalua Floors, I really love my new floor. My daughter says it looks like we have a new house. Evan did a wonderful job and and I am very pleased with the result. The natural finish looks beautiful and looks great with my cherry cabinets. I will be sure to recommend your business to anyone I know who wants to refinish their wood floors.”

“I was very impressed with the attention to detail when finishing my floors. Not only did the floors turn out great, the dust free system they used minimized the cleanup afterwards!”
Aaron Raymond

“I’m Steve Grobbel from Royal Oak, Michigan. I had Kapalua Floors came in and redo all the hardwood floors we have throughout the house.

The main reason I chose Kapalua Floors was because of the dustless system and that I wouldn’t have to cover all my furniture and I wouldn’t have to block off all my rooms.

So I said, alright we’ll see how this goes. In the back of my mind I thought there was just no way it could be truly dust free. Well I was skeptical about the dustless sanding. I had done the floors myself 15 years ago when we first moved in. I knew how much dust that kicked up. When we did it, there was dust everywhere. It was literally 1/2 inch thick in places.

Well I was wrong. But in fact it can be truly dust free! It was just as advertised. Kapalua came in and did a great job on the floors. I mean they look terrific but they did it without dust. Not only was there not a 1/2 inch of dust, there wasn’t any dust!

If you think I was happy about the dust free, you should have seen my wife. She may have been more skeptical than me because I think she knew where the work of cleaning all this dust was going to fall realistically. She loved it!

You know, they proved me wrong. They got in, the floors look great. And truly, there was no dust around. It was as advertised, dust free, delivered as promised.

I have told lots of people and will continue to tell anyone who asks how impressed I was with the whole dustless system.”

Steve Grobbel
Royal Oak Michigan